Liquid brush-on "leafing" in one easy step for any surface, any material! Metallic flakes "leaf" into a solid, shiny, metallic finish that dries quickly. Coverage is 7-8 sq. feet on primed or unprimed surfaces.

Restricted from use K-6
(ASTM D-4236/FHSA)
Decorate, renovate or create something new. Brush 'n Leaf® Interior Metallic Finishes go on easily with one application. Just brush it on almost any clean, dry surface such as metal, wood, cloth, glass plastic, and papier mache.

The exclusive Brush 'n Leaf® formula features metallic flakes that "leaf" into a solid, shiny metallic look that dries quickly to a durable finish. Decorate picture frames, wall decorations, lamps, candle holders, craft projects, accessories, antiques....anything in any room of your home.

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Antique Gold
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    Brush n Leaf Brass Gold
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      Brush n Leaf Gold Leaf
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        Brush n Leaf Old Gold
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          Brush n Leaf Silver Leaf
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