Our goal is to provide you with the best products and customer service that you can find. Please be aware that some of our products can be affected by freezing. The three products are listed below.

If a shipment is frozen:

  • Move the shipment to an area where any water that may come from the shipment can collect so that it will not harm the warehouse, store floors or carpeting.
  • Visually check the shipment for any potentially split containers or cartons. When water freezes it expands and can split open containers.
  • If containers are allowed to thaw, they may cause damage to product that would otherwise be fine.

The following three products cannot be used if they freeze: (Stock up in the warmer months!)

  1. Liquid Latex: This product is destroyed if it becomes frozen.
  2. Wax Resist: This product is destroyed if it becomes frozen.
  3. Bisque Fix: This product is destroyed if it becomes frozen.

Please take special note of the following products if they freeze:

  • Liquid Glaze and Underglazes: When glaze is frozen the single biggest concern is the container splitting open. The glaze product itself is not chemically altered in any way. The freezing can and will tend to make glazes separate and form a water layer on the top of the jar. Shake the container vigorously to recombine the water and solids. In extreme cases, the glaze may need to be stirred vigorously to recombine the materials.

  • Liquid Slip: This product is not affected in any way by freezing. Be careful, containers may split due to water expansion.

  • Ceramic Clay: This product is not chemically affected in any way by freezing. Some water may migrate to the surface of the clay after freezing and has the potential to drip onto floors. Make sure the product is allowed to thaw in an area where this will not be an issue. Customers may need to hand wedge previously frozen clay to make the clay ready for use.